Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2014 Athens Game Jam!

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 The theme of the jam was “Dark Ages”. Here are all the great games made at the jam:


Best Game

Dark Ages of Titan

Play it in your web browser

by Gabriel Beal, Jenny Brewer, Richard Harris, Andrew Majewski, Clayton Mason, David Pittard, and Louis Romanos


Best Art

Judge, Jury Executioner

by Jonathan Bruce, Ilya Polyakov, and Ray Smith


Best Design

Cat and Joust

by Renee Blair, Kelly Gallagher, Edgar Onukwugha, and Rob Solomon


Best Implementation

The Elder Rolls

Play it in your web browser

by Will Allen, Richard Hodges, Tony Ransom, Brian Ruggieri, Ryan Emmett Simmons, Nick Splendorr, and Kelly Weaver


Best Sound

Corpse Wagon

by Joseph Butler, Vicky Costilla, David Floyd, Andrew Ho, and Louis Romanos

The Bachelore

by Joshua Allen Anderson, Daniel Clark, Lexi Fouts, Stephen Patton, Eduardo Truillo, and Ashtyn Warner

The Dark Age of Disco

Download for Windows or Mac

by Thomas Bailey, Zane Everett, Jeff Porter, Adriana Thomas, Alex Turbyfield, Dane Walsh, and Shu Zhang

The Dark Knight

Play it in your web browser

by David Ducrest


Play it in your web browser

by Ryan Burke, Lou Manglass, Jason Markowitz

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